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the ‘small internet‘ is what has been interesting me lately.
decentralized internet is such a cool idea. i want to have a small network of people using these nodes inbetwen each other.
tilde town / team / user cmccabe is also very into these ideas. here is his sdf site with lots of cool anti-corporate, anti-social media links has been my entry into this world
but there is a whole network out there of ‘tildeverse
public unix servers are special places and their own social mediums.
there is also the fediverse which are federated networks, decentralized social media platforms, like islands of facebook with like minded people posting snippets of things.
Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS)
monoskop – arts / media / humanities website with cool article + graphic on fediverse

First, an interest in engaging with specific technical choices and concerns about closed protocols and proprietary platforms. Second, wider willingness to recover agency as users of social media infrastructures. More specifically, while corporate social media platforms have allowed many to publish content online, the biggest impact of Web 2.0 has been the apparent decoupling of matters of infrastructure from matters of social organization. The mix of operating systems and social systems from which net culture first emerged6, has been replaced by a system of limited user permissions and privileges. Those who engage with the Fediverse work to undo this decoupling. They want to contribute to network infrastructures that are more honest about their underlying ideologies. These infrastructures do not hide behind manipulative or delusional exploits of ideas like openness, universal access, or apolitical engineering

from transmediale art & digiculture

also there is also the steadfast EFF (electronic frontier foundation) and this Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace
nettime online newlsetter – critical discourse about the net – sign up here
rhizome – online publication for digital art and culture

**early internet culture **

BBS – the thing was one that was art oriented
gopher and gemini

  • i still dont understand those really, but i think they are differerent internet protocols, ones from back in the day that people still use, but arent widely used.

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