improvisational piano track recorded 6.24.22

sometimes it feels better to watch the sunset on an abandoned railroad next to train tracks and a construction site than from a mountain top or manicured park. it seems so much more real this way. strip everything else away. make it regular, surrounded by commonplace, but find the uniqueness and specialness in that. there’s something so much more magical in the “right around you” than the perfect. being able to find the beauty in the crack in the asphalt or the patina on the concrete takes time, attention, a delicateness and subtle observance. watch the street lights turn on, one by one.
an electromagnetic symphony walking tour. bring the feeling of “right around you are other universes” to other people.

stop sign

is getting lost is better than being found?
watching the lightning ionize the air around me
feeling whatever however
these simple things are my favorite.
its not boring to just stare at the clouds
is it boring to watch the train slowly go by
screeching and chunking metal on metal

loading dock

a blank mind
an open highway
a sprawling desert
vast expanse
long distance

tapping on a wooden countertop sounds like a paw dragging across a linoleum floor.


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